Jump Start How Public Education Innovates & Improves


Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace
Speaker: Stephen Cousins, Education Consultant, Fmr. Traverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS) Superintendent

In academic circles, we tend to focus on improvement cycles that are so long that we never, ever get to improvement – we move off the initiatives too quickly, or we measure, measure and measure but never finish. Does this sound familiar?

How can you get off this semi-annual or quarterly improvement model that that moves your organization too slowly to create significant and sustainable improvement?

Or consider if you tend to get bogged down in the process of improvement; your planning and execution takes way too long (six months to a year), and by then the problem you started to deal with has morphed into something else.

Planning has to get done quicker.

Steve’s insightful and fast session will energize you and your team to create real change within your district or organization.

Stephen joins CQI for a discussion of the role of education in building the economic sustainability of the community. He begins with a bit of history on how public education came to be structured as it is. Cousins recognizes the legacy issues for public education and the constraints imposed by connections to state and federal dollars.  His focused view of optimism in broadening communication input to public education decision-making is that local needs and planning can be made more effective. Steve is also optimistic that technological changes in the way curriculum is delivered to students will move public education to a broader and more responsive system and thus away from an industrial/agrarian model.

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