25 Years of Learning Through Teaching at CQI

Written by Eric Budd
Improvement Coordinator at PEAKER SERVICES INC.

The learning principles we use in our course have benefited company owners, executive managers, supervisors, team leaders, front line employees as well as maintenance and administrative staff for the past 25 years. The participants we have learned from come from private and public sector organizations.

This course was first developed and delivered by two working professionals and students of Dr. W. Edwards Deming. Many instructors have contributed to the on-going development and improvement of the curriculum. The non-profit organization that sponsors this quality leadership academy–Capital Quality and Innovation (CQI)–continues to refine and improve the methods used to help develop the thinking skills and practical approaches to improvement needed in a changing world.

Here, in abbreviated form, are some of the approaches that we have learned to be effective. Your own training and development courses probably use many of these methods. Hopefully there is something here that will spark a useful idea for you.

25 Years of Learning Through Teaching at CQI

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