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SCHEDULE for Spring 2019 Academy

Class Time: 8:30 AM-4:30 PM

Day 1 – Intro – System of Profound Knowledge® and Theory of Knowledge (March 8)
Day 2 – Voice of the Customer (March 22)
Day 3 – Appreciation for a System (Apr 5)
Day 4 – Understanding Variation, Measurement (Apr 19)
Day 5 – Psychology (May 3)
Day 6 – Transformation and Capstone Project Presentations** (May 17)


  • Our aim is to teach participants the fundamentals of quality systems, including quality management, continuous improvement, innovation and leadership exemplified in the System of Profound Knowledge®.
  • We help participants learn how these principles, practices and tools can make a significant, positive difference in their professional lives and their organizations.
  • This is a foundation for any person or organization that desires to be a leader in quality and innovation.


  • Our approach is to engage the learner in their own learning, coordinated with their organization’s leadership.
  • We start with 4 hours of pre-work and self-study which must be done by the participants before each session
  • We have six full 8 hour days of instruction face to face, spaced at least one-week apart
  • We use accelerated learning/adult learning principles and practices in pre-course readings, in workshop dialogue, individual and team exercises, homework in interim weeks.
  • We also make our instructors available to learners and their leadership through coached team calls and provide on call advice to participants for their projects.


  • Once we have a minimum of fifteen (15) and up to thirty (30) participants, we send out pre-course assessments of learning needs with the pre-course assignments.
  • Once the individual assessments are returned, we set a joint conference call with the learners and their leaders to develop a capstone project for each participant.
  • On the last day of the academy, the learners will make a presentation to their management, customers or both of their capstone project.
  • After the academy, we follow-up with the cohort members and their leaders or customers, to see how well they use what they have learned.


  • $2000 for CQI members and $2400 for General Public.
  • The cost includes all required workshop materials, continental breakfast, lunch buffet and snacks each afternoon throughout each of the six days.
  • Also included in the price are pre-course assessments and assignments accessible via the web, plus a flash drive with all course content.
  • Parking is free and lodging is available nearby


UrbanBeat Event Center

1213 Turner St

Lansing, MI 48906

**Samples of the Capstone Projects from Previous Academies

Need more details? Have questions? Plan to bring two or more attendees?  Contact us:

Eric Budd at 248-505-0563

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