Quality Bibliography

Suggested Learning Lunch References and Books
Accelerated Learning Handbook – David Meier
The Brand Called You – Peter Montoya with Tim Vandehey
Deep Change – Robert E. Quinn
The Diffusion of Innovation – Everett Rogers
Enterprise Thinking – Dr. Bill Bellows
The Fifth Discipline – Peter Senge
Flawed Advice and The Management Trap – Chris Argyris
A Handbook of Thinking Principles – Tim Higgins
The Heart of Change – John Kotter and Dan S. Cohen
How To Manage Change Effectively – Donald L. Kirkpatrick
Improving Performance – Gearry A. Rummler & Alan P. Brache
To Infinity and Beyond – Dr. Bill Bellows
Lean Thinking – James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones
Managing Transitions – Making The Most of Change – William Bridges
The New Economics – W. Edwards Deming
Overcoming Organizational Defenses – Chris Argyris
Parallel Thinking – Dr. Edward DeBono
Quality & Performance Excellence – James R. Evans
Real Progress Requires a Real Transformation – The Toughest Gig a Leadership Team Can Undertake – Barry Bebb, Ph.D., MBB
The Six Thinking Hats – Dr. Edward DeBono
Teaching Smart People How To Learn – Chris Argyris
Thinking Tools & Techniques– Tim Higgins